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Using an Architect?

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

So below is why you should use an Architect, (preferably me) but at least use one. Thanks in advance.

Using an Architect seems like just an overhead cost, (you could have a contractor that specializes in your kind of residential project draw up plans and get permits for you). However, even for the upfront cost of using an Architect, I can keep the total construction cost lower and ensure that you get what you want and need. You do not pay me based on construction cost. I work on a base fee plus additional services as they arise (these are typically specialized renderings, excessive design changes, answering construction questions beyond coming out to do quality and progress checks). Additional Services will never be a mystery. I will always have a figure before any work is done. If you want me to be your representative to the contractor, we can add it as a line item and that would reduce the risk of construction related additional services.

The main point is that I work for you. My concern is that you get quality work and a finished product that meets your expectations. I could care less how little or much the contractor makes on the job. That’s the benefit of using an Architect vs letting a contractor design your project.

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